You Might Notice Something Different

CHICAGO – Yeah, the Chicago Den looks a little different now.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of one of our readers, the Den has been able to move to a new server and move from being essentially a blog to a full-fledged publication and website. The move allows us to add features that would have been impossible on our old server.

First and most important, we now have sections. The features section will our event reporting, interviews and in-depth stories. We already have a few ready to go with the latest, an interview with Mr. Midwest Leather 2011 Mike Prater and his experiences at IML. But also be sure to check out past features such as Evangeline’s report on Power eXchange and IML. We have more in the pipeline that we can’t wait to bring to you.

Columns by Paul Brown and Min have also been moved to their own page. Paul will be updating his column on a monthly basis and we’re looking forward to more from Min. We have other columnists lining up now, including an advice columnist. Think Dear Abby with a whip. Have a question or need advice? Just send your letters to and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Event photos move to a new section as well. Each page will have a slideshow of the many, many photos we get at events through out the region. Check back often to see if you got caught on camera!

The calendar has been expanded to a full layout, allowing you to get full information on events through out the region. Send in the information if you want us to include your event. And with the number of events in the Midwest, we’re also looking for a calendar editor! Send your events, or your interest in running our calendar, to

We are also proud to announce we have now launched a classified ads section to the Den! If you want to sell some dungeon equipment, looking for someone for a job or volunteer position, offering services (legal ones, please) or just meet that special somoene, you can now get an ad in the classified section. We do need to charge, but the cost is well below what you’ll find in any other newspaper.

We’ve also opened up a web store for some products. We’re just starting out, but we now offer shirts, hats and patches with leather versions of the city flags of Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis and Madison, Wisc.! We’ll be adding more products as we go so keep an eye out for new items all the time!

We plan to keep growing as our coverage of the scene in the Midwest grows. We’ll add new sections to the newspaper as we go along to meet the needs of the community. We’re also looking for more reporters to join ruff and Evangeline in Chicago and Paul in Southwestern Indiana. We want to make the Den the best source for bear, leather and fetish news in the Midwest and we can’t do it without you!