Yearbook, Art Show, Sponsors, Vendors, and Education at CLAW 11

Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend

The CLAW 11 Education and Skills workshops have been expanded! Check out the full offerings – plan ahead – class spaces are limited! Click Here Now!

We’ve expanded the vendor space! More options, more gear. All CLAW vendors contribute to the CLAW charities.

Submissions for the CLAW 11 are due by March 16. For more information and submission information, go to The BDSM Art Show information page now!

Small or big organization, there’s an affordable space in the CLAW 11 Yearbook for you. Distributed to everyone at CLAW and throughout the year at CLAW Nation events, this collectible timepiece is an excellent way to reach your leather audience. Ad space starts at $40, and full-page ads are still only $150. Hurray! Ad deadline is 23 March 2012.

Place your ad now!

Join these organizations in sponsoring CLAW 11 events. Sponsorships start at $100. Any sponsorship of $200 or more also includes a full-page ad in the CLAW 11 Yearbook.
Some of the sponsorships available include T-shirts – your logo on the back of the CLAW 11 T-shirts ($700); Bears Out of Hibernation Party- Friday night at the Leather Stallion Saloon ($350); Titleholders’ Cocktail Party – free food, high leather, lots of cameras and a huge ice sculpture ($400); Leather Hall of Fame Brunch – featuring Guy Baldwin’s acceptance speech ($700); Dream – the closing party musical revue – this year in the Hilton ballroom ($300). Sponsor a CLAW 11 event today!

Dick Off Party / Thursday
Recon REFLEX Parties / Full Weekend
World Leatherman Party / Friday (@ The Shed)
ID Badges / Full Weekend
CLAW VendorMart / Full Weekend
Cleveland Rocks / Friday 7-10pm (@ Hilton Ballroom)
Registration Room / Full Weekend
Boots & Cigar Tent / Full Weekend
Morning Coffee Service / Full Weekend
International Leather Family Dinner / Saturday
“Report For Duty” Uniform Party / Saturday (@ The Leather Stallion Saloon)
Skills/Education / Full Weekend
Volunteer Hospitality Suite / Full Weekend
Leather Club Forum / Saturday