Woof Camp at IML, Saturday, May 25

Woof Camp 2013CHICAGO – Woof Camp 2013, the sixth annual pup party held at International Mr. Leather (IMRL) in Chicago, IL, will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 9-11pm at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile in the Avenue Ballroom located on the Fourth Floor directly across from the elevators with the entrance through the State Room. Look for the Woof Camp and “sponsored by” SquarePeg Toys banners outside the room.

Representing the pup community, this event promises to be a fun playful party at IML. Pups/dogs/wolves are encouraged to bring along their own water bowls, chew or squeaky toys, owners and friends for a howling good time! We are proud to have SquarePegToys, the original silicone puppy tail maker, once again be the sole sponsor for the event.

Due to the size/space limitation of the ballroom this year, Woof Camp will not have a “Open to the General Public” session and will only be offering a “private session” for pups/dogs/wolves and Handlers/Trainers.be offering a “private session” for pups/dogs/wolves and Handlers/Trainers.

9:00pm – 11:00pm: Pups/Dogs/Wolves and Handlers/Trainers Only  Private: This session is just for pups/dogs/wolves [owned and strays] and Handlers/Trainers to use for training or to play with other pups/dogs/wolves. During this time there will be an Active Area for romping around with other pups and a Quiet Area inside an orange plastic barrier for new pups, pups intimated by the larger, more aggressive pup play area or for those who just want to rest or nuzzle with each other or their Handler/Trainer. This session will also feature a free commemorative pin (while supplies last) and a group photo.

For those pups/dogs/wolves who identify as a stray, fluorescent orange paper wristbands will be given out to help Handlers/Trainers identify them.

Access to the private session will be restricted by security volunteers at the door, who will be asking what you are there for. Tell the person at the door exactly what you are there for. Be prepared, as all pups/dogs/wolves are expected to be active participants and in pupspace (such as being on all fours throughout the session). People who sneak past the dog-sniffers at the door and try to crash the party as non-participants (on either end of the leash), will be asked to leave by the security volunteer staff.

Photography and videography will be allowed during this “private” session. There will be notices posted outside the event doors as well as along the inside ballroom walls reminding people of that.

Please remember that Woof Camp is designed as a male energy event. We would ask both pups/dogs/wolves and Handlers/Trainers of both sexes to respect the others’ preferences and signals (a growl or head turned to the side/looking away is usually a good sign to ease off or not interested).

Come join us for a good time of letting go, living in the moment and having fun playing once again!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/172326732931927/?ref=2

Woof Camp 2013 Producer