Woof Camp 2012 Needs You!

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The following is a posting by Pup Brue on pupzone calling for volunteers at Woof Camp:
“Woof Camp 2012 Needs You!

We are once again looking for volunteers to help out at the Woof Camp 2012 pup party held at International Mr. Leather [IMRL.com] in Chicago, IL Saturday May 26 from 9pm-Midnight. This is a great way to connect with others really into the pup scene. If you are looking for mentors, play partners, dogs/pups/wolves or Handlers/Trainers; if you are looking to give back; if you are looking to have fun, then volunteer! We are asking for 60 minutes or less of their time.

If you can volunteer, please indicate which position you are interested in and contact us either here or at: woofcamp@yahoo.com.

We are looking for the following volunteer positions:
Set-up staff [8pm-9pm]:
Volunteers will set-up the assorted areas, hang signage, etc.

Security for entrance doors [9pm-10pm]:
Volunteers will wear a provided “Woof Camp” neon yellow security vest. There will be at least two volunteers manning the two front entrances during the private pups/Handlers Session A to help greet, monitor and other possible entrance duties for the Woof Camp event.

Security for designated Active/Quiet areas [Assorted shifts 9pm-Midnight]:
Volunteers will wear a provided “Woof Camp” neon yellow security vest and will need to be either in the Active or Quiet areas to patrol and keep the onlooking crowd out of the areas, observe the areas and make sure they are being used for the purpose intended [if not direct them to the appropriate Active/Quiet area], answer questions, assist if help is needed, etc.

Handlers [Assorted shifts 9pm-Midnight]:
Volunteers will be assigned to one of the designated areas [Active or Quiet] where they will interact with stray pups to help get them in pupmode and to participate so they will have a fun and positive experience. Also to observe the areas and make sure the active
pups do not break the border line, assist if help is needed with gear, water breaks, etc.
Tear-down staff [Midnight-1am]:
Volunteers will tear-down the assorted areas, remove signage, etc.”