Women’s International Leather Legacy Weekend 2016


DALLAS — People ask “What is Women’s International Leather Legacy (WILL)?” My simple answer is that WILL is the Leather title that is based on love. The love of women’s leather history; love of women and their energy; and having the heart to preserve the legacies of the women who have come before us and continue to pave the way for Leatherwomen.

Women’s International Leather Legacy titleholders work their entire year. They seek out women that are willing to share their stories and their lives, they conduct interviews and all interviews are donated to Leather Archives and Museum. Every woman has a story to tell, a unique perspective on life and how it has affected her leather path. We can learn so much by reaching out to each other and opening dialogues.

One of the first ways history was recorded was orally, and it was treasured and considered sacred. WILL treats our history as something that is sacred and should be cherished. Come join us for Women’s International Leather Legacy Weekend, meet the elders, ask the questions, converse with those who actually lived the histories that have helped shape the community we live in.

Spend a weekend ensuring that we continue leaving the Legacies that shape the future!

Women’s Leather History: Learn it, live it, make it!

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/932225710208632/