Winners Announced for Drummer North America

Wouter Popelier, DNA Drummerboy 2015; Doc Hoskins, DNA Drummer 2015; and Pup Scuff , DNA Bootblack 2015. (Photo courtesy of Drummer North America)
Wouter Popelier, DNA Drummerboy 2015; Doc Hoskins, DNA Drummer 2015; and Pup Scuff , DNA Bootblack 2015. (Photo courtesy of Drummer North America)

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The inaugural Drummer North America (DNA) Fetish Weekend, held February 12–15, 2015 drew more than 180 weekend pass holders to the sold-out all-gay Flamingo Resort in St Petersburg, Florida. Day passes and local residents attending DNA signature parties and onsite DNA bar events helped double total weekend attendance to more than 350. The weekend attracted 16 international attendees from outside the United States.

DNA weekend featured three fetish contests for gay men: Drummer, Drummerboy and Drummer Bootblack. Four contestants vied for the titles. When the scores were tallied Doc Hoskins Jr of New York won the title of Drummer 2015, with Marshall Roberts of Baltimore, Maryland placing first runner-up. Wouter Popelier of central Pennsylvania claimed the title of Drummerboy. Pup Scuff of Cincinnati, Ohio claimed the title of Drummer Bootblack. With only one contestant in each of the Drummer boy and Drummer Bootblack categories, boy Wouter and Pup Scruff were required to achieve a minimum score of 70% to be awarded the titles.

Judges for the Drummer and Drummerboy 2015 were: Shae Flanigan, Ms Sanctuary Leather 2014, of Los Angeles, California; Jose Gutierrez, International Leatherboy 2002, of Washington, DC; Mark S Greene, International Drummerboy 2001, of Phoenix, Arizona; Vi Johnson, Carter/Johnson Leather Library & Collection, of Newburg, Indiana; Sir Thom Butts, Northwest LeatherSIR 2009, of Portland, Oregon; and, Sir George Saltzman, International LeatherSIR 2013, of Phoenix, Arizona.

Judges for Drummer Bootblack 2015 were: Boi Gwen Hardy, International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy Bootblack 2003, of Jacksonville, Florida; Paksen, International Mr Bootblack 2001, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Tarna Scyanne, International Ms Bootblack 2012, of Toronto, Ontario.

Highlights of DNA weekend included a frisky Meet & Greet featuring contestant BDSM demos, a Cigar & Brandy Social that transformed the onsite Code bar into a smoky, vintage era leather bar mixed with modern sports kit and western cowboys, and leather and BDSM history on display in the Carter/Johnson Leather Library exhibit room. Tented play spaces situated on the Flamingo’s “grassy knoll” created a unique outdoor men’s only play area and cruising park. While there was only one bootblack contestant, more than a dozen fellow bootblacks turned out to offer support or participate in open shine stations.

Master Tony Palazzo led the DNA education series, which included interactive workshops on saline infusion, sounds and piercing. Renowned author, educator and activist Patrick Califia led a trans kink/player issues workshop.

The weekend also launched the Women Of Drummer, including the debut a new Women Of Drummer patch. The strong showing of women comprised about 15% of weekend package attendees. Women Of Drummer helped spearhead a dedicated Queer Play Space.

Rekindling the Drummer tradition of self-identified masculinity, DNA Fetish Weekend is a celebration of gay masculinity with DNA titles celebrating the broad range of fetish and kink identities of gay men from rubber, leather and sports kit, to military, skinheads, punks and more. DNA 2015 was an open contest that allowed all qualifying contestants from across North America to directly enter the 2015 contest without a pre-qualifying regional title. Moving forward DNA contests will follow a regional structure.

A dedicated roster of talented leather community leaders joined DNA staff to oversee key areas of the contest and weekend operations, including: Executive Producer Rik Newton-Treadway; Tina Landi, Assistant to the Executive Producer; Stage Manager George Hester; Assistant Stage Manager Dean Ogren; Bootblack Coordinator Henry James; Assistant Bootblack Coordinator Nick Elliot; Education Coordinator Master Tony Palazzo; of Jackson, Mississippi; Judges Coordinator Tank Teachworth; Contestant Coordinator Sir Robert Bowden; and Den Daddy David Allen.

Drummer North America was launched in October 2014 and is the first US-based fetish organization and contest weekend to have owners from two countries. From the US, Master Mike Zuhl is the former owner and producer of the Drummer International contests, founder of the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contests, and owner of Leather Central bar in Pittsburgh. From Canada, Master Brandon Matheson is a former President of Mr Leatherman Toronto, a founder of the Church Street Fetish Fair, creator and co-producer of the popular Rough House dungeon parties in Toronto, and a former regional producer and board member of International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack.

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