Will Clark: More Than a Bad Boy


Will Clark

Will Clark

The gay community often treats its adult video stars like true celebrities. The bear community is no different. And you’d be hard pressed to find someone more deserving of it than Will Clark.

The friendly Wisconsin native is multi-talented and very busy. Along with being in videos that span many genres – from bear to leather to crowdpleasers – Will also produces the “Bad Boys Pool Party” in Palm Springs every year, hosts “Cocktails with the Stars” in West Hollywood (where he interviews gay porn’s biggest stars), writes the “Porn Star Confidential” column plus columns for three different magazines and is a out-spoken safe sex advocate.

Will got his start after moving to New York City. To make ends meet, he started dancing at the city’s go-go clubs and moved in to doing escort work. Some patrons suggested he get into porn, no doubt considering exactly how attractive he is. (Writer’s note: In the interest of journalistic integrity, I should admit I have been a fan of Will Clark’s for years. So please excuse any gushing.) The rest is adult video history.

Will has managed to establish a very broad fan base with his videos. His scene with Steve “Titpig” Hurley in BCM’s “Big Bear Trucking Company” is one the hottest scenes in bear video. He’s very visible, and visibly having a lot of fun, in MSR’s “Prowl 2” and has been a regular in Catalina’s videos, the company that built an empire with the “California Gold Boy” look, not to mention a ton of Titan Media releases.

His popularity does surprise him a bit. “I didn’t think about it,” he said in a phone interview from his office in Los Angeles. “Truth is, I’m the kind of person who likes to do a lot of things at once.” Video star Dallas Taylor, a friend of his, told him to changing his looks depending on the role, advice he took to heart. Plus the different scenes appeal to his varied interests. “Different parts of my personality appeal to everyone,” he said. “And that’s been good for me when I go to clubs. I try to play to the crowd.” He’s hard pressed to pick a favorite genre of gay porn. “I just don’t know,” mused Will. “I really enjoy them all. They’re all fun. I can pick either.”

Will has had no problem with his fame. “People recognize me and they’re very respectful,” he said. He actually has affection for fans in Chicago, who he said were great fans, neither going over the top nor acting like they never watch porn. “Chicago is fabulous,” he gushed. “They love porn stars. But their not obsessive.”

The biggest problem he’s had is lack of time, which has forced him to hire an assistant. For the office. “[The best money] I ever spent in my life. My stress level is down a lot more,” Will said. And he has plenty to create it, with both going on tour (his one-man show “Altered Ego” plays in Chicago this month) plus he’s doing more and more writing these days. “I thank God for each day,” he said.

“I thought I’d be gone a long time ago,” considering his run in the industry, with his first movies coming out in 1996. He does think he’ll do another video at some point and would love to do more shows.

Will is also known for his advocacy for safe sex. He has publicly refused to perform in bareback videos and money raised by events goes to safe sex education and HIV/AIDS research. Having lost two friends to HIV/AIDS and his own nature to do something, he has been a prominent voice in safe sex education. “The fact it’s still an issue drives me crazy,” he stated. “How can we as an industry not make a commitment to portray safe sex.” With drug cocktails commonly available, there has been less of a push for safe sex. “The new treatments help, but that is no reason for the industry to change.” If video companies want to portray barebacking, he has said fine, he just won’t be involved in it.

He’s gotten into trouble with video producers, but little of his popularity. “We are role models, like it or not,” he said, not pulling back on his passionate stand. “We have all sorts of power and we’re throwing it away by creating new euphemisms.”

He doesn’t limit his criticism to just the gay porn industry. “No body in the gay community right now is taking a stand and saying ‘hey, what we doing is stupid, wrong and we’ve got to stop it.’ People will talk endlessly about gay marriage or the military, and I’m sorry, but I have no interest in that,” said Will. “Sure, it’s important, is our sound physical and mental health more important?”

He does manage have some fun, however. It a scene partner like Steve Hurley in “Big Bear Trucking Company,” it would be hard not to. “He was just great,” said Will. “He’s a really nice guy. I really like him a lot. He’s a terrific performer.” Will also said that Hurley is one of the few people who will still come up to him socially despite being on opposite ends of the safe sex debate. According to Will, Hurley was nervous because it was only his second video. To get in the mood, the two cuddled in the loft above the set for a while.

As for getting ready for scenes in videos, he doesn’t have much trouble getting psyched up. “When you’re sitting there in the same room with a really hot guy, it’s really not a big problem,” chuckled Will. “I love showing off, so no matter who the guy it is that I’m with, it’s like ‘Oh, I get to be in front of the camera and show off.’ That’s a lot of fun for me.”

His one-man play “Altered Ego” chronicles his experience in the porn industry from his start to how he’s grown and evolved. The title refers to who he really is and the persona he displays during performances. The show is Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26 and 27 at the Bailiwick Theatre, 1229 W. Belmont in Chicago. Go to www.willclarkusa.com or www.Bailiwick.com.