What’s Up With Leather Titleholders? Oct. 25

INDIANAPOLIS – So you’ve always wondered, there’s contests and people running around with sashes. What does it all mean? Why do these contest exist and what are the winners expected to do with their year long reigns? How do you become a title holder?

This informal dinner, presentation and round table is your opportunity to learn about the leather contest and title circuits, what they represent and how they augment and complement our diverse leather community. We’ll also be covering our local contests and giving you the knowledge to more fully appreciate what’s going on in your community!

Dinner and drinks are whatever you purchase, the Metro has been kind enough to host us for this informal get together upstairs! You can expect multiple title holders, past and present to be there as well to share their knowledge personally and or with the group!

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1676089582673742/

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