Waukesha – Evolving Relationships – Sun, Nov 25th @ 6:30pm

CHICAGO – November’s Waukesha discussion: Evolving Relationships

  • What happens when you and your partner grow in the lifestyle at different rates?
  • What causes the different growth rates?
  • How do you get back into balance?
  • What is the deciding factor to go “public” with your relationship(s), i.e. play partners with, submissive of, etc?

This is our last meeting for 2012. There will be no Waukesha meeting in December due to the holidays. We will also discuss 2013 topics. Please bring your ideas!

Feel free to bring a snack to share!

For location information, please contact cat_in_milw or Sir_Wieland.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Click here for event info: SWIPE-Waukesha

cat_in_milw and Sir_Wieland