The Warehouse Forced to Shut Its Doors

Leather Fetlife 2GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – It was announced today that The Warehouse, Grand Rapids only Dungeon Space/Community Center will be closing their doors for good this week. Warehouse owner Sir Travis cited lack of attendance as the major reason for this closure.

When we began this project, I firmly believed that Grand Rapids would benefit from a local BDSM/Kink/Leather venue that provided the best possible educational experiences, as well as a non judgmental, open to all kinks play space.

As I am sure many people have noticed, the attendance at many area munches and gatherings has been on the decline for the last year or so. People move, come and go, and have life changes of all sorts. It is the natural ebb and flow of a dynamic group of people.

With all of that in mind, I no longer feel that Grand Rapids has a need for a facility like The Warehouse at this time.

The Warehouse opened its doors this past spring and has hosted educational classes from Rowan, Aeshe, Bucky, Karida, Lady Elsa, Boi Kris, Jack Rinella, & Roughinamorato. In November The Warehouse also hosted the first LeatherUNITED event to take place in Grand Rapids.

Sir Travis goes on to say:

I want to thank all of the people who helped contribute to not only attending and enjoying what we offered but the amazing educational opportunities we were able to provide. I am incredibly proud to say that all of The Warehouse presenters were of the highest caliber and sought after all around the country.

To the staff, whom without them none of this would have been possible or existed. You are my family and I love you.

I hope that at some point in the future, we will be able to revive The Warehouse as a full time space, and we will continue to seek to provide educational and gathering opportunities to a community with I love dearly.

Note: As a Staff Member for the Warehouse myself I tried to keep this post very factual. I will be following it up shortly with my own piece expressing my feelings on this matter.