Walter S. Wins Great Lakes Mr. Olympus

Walter, Great Lakes Mr. Olympus Leather 2013

INDIANAPOLIS – The Great Lakes Olympus/Indiana Master-slave contest was held over the weekend of November 16th and 17th at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis. The Meet and Greet was held on Friday and the contest was held during the day on Saturday, with speeches, pop questions, fantasies and results announced on Saturday evening.

The crowd was small, but very active on Saturday on the 2nd floor of the 501 Eagle. The current Mr. Rocky Mountain Olympus 2012 titleholder Ras was on hand and very active in meeting people throughout the crowd. Other titleholders were present to support the contest, including past Lady Elsa and boi kris – International Power Exchange 2012, Master Steven – Great Lakes Master 2005 and the current Illinois Master/slave 2013 (myself and slave angie). The contest was MC’d by boi kris.

Boy John, unidentified, Lady Elsa, unidentified, Walter (GL Mr. Olympus 2013), Sir Greg (GL Mr. Olympus 2012), Sir Ernie (can’t remember his title – Mr. 501 Eagle 2011, IIRC), Silent Whisper (GL Ms. Olympus 2012)

There were two contestants for Great Lakes Mr. Olympus Leather and Ms. Olympus Leather – Walter and “Butterfly”. There were no Indiana Master/slave contestants. The current Great Lakes Mr. Olympus Leather 2012 titleholder Sir Greg, Great Lakes Ms. Olympus Leather 2012 titleholder Silent Whisper and Indiana Master/slave 2013 Sindarian and ciara gave stepdown speeches and shared their memories of a great year. Sir Greg and Silent Whisper regaled the audience with funny stories of their travels together.

 The contestant’s fantasies both had “devilish” themes – Walter’s fantasy showed him conflicted between a “good” Walter and a thoroughly evil “Walter” – and the finale of Walter pinning his partner against the wall and thrown to the ground had the crowd cheering. Renee’s fantasy had her being tempted by the devil and ultimately giving in.

Between the two contestants, there were several very nice auction baskets. In total, $577.00 was raised over the weekend for the Great Lakes Olympus travel fund.

At the end of the evening, Walter was awarded the title of Great Lakes Mr. Olympus Leather 2013. Congratulations!