Volunteers needed at GD2 in Chicago

CHICAGO — Whether you are an experienced BDSM practitioner or a person new to the scene, volunteering is a great way to get involved. You can meet new people, make friends, be more active, and help others have a fun time!

As a non-profit private membership club, GD2 is made possible through the hard work and commitment of members who share their time and skill.

Cleaning Crew (2 Spots Open)

We pride ourselves on providing a squeaky clean environment where people can learn, socialize, and play! The cleaning crew is vital to GD2’s success, and we need volunteers who are unfailingly reliable, hard working, and focused. You must be able to lift and move equipment, stoop, and use repetitive motions. GD2’s main cleaning crew meets on the second Saturday of every month for approximately four hours, while a second cleaning crew comes in as needed. A long-term commitment and dedication is important to this position.

Facilities Assistant

At GD2, we love a good party!  Well run, exciting events are mainstay of our organization, and we could really use a volunteer who loves setup and tear down. At a minimum, this position will be responsible for leading classroom setup and tear down on the second Saturday of each month (chairs, equipment, and stage).  In addition, our facilities assistant will need to be on hand to change light bulbs for our blacklight party, help hang decorations for halloween, and be hand for special events and parties.  You need to be comfy on a ladder and handy with a hammer.

This position is open to folks who have either been a member or regular attendee of GD2 for at least a year.


If either of these positions sounds like fun, simply shoot us an email at info@galleriadomain.org with your interest.  Please include your:

  • Full, legal name
  • Fetlife name (if any)
  • Experience

Jerrith and Wilson