Victory Party For Sir Greg Indy

Indiana BDSM

INDIANAPOLIS – On July 7th at 10pm there will be a Victory Party at the 501 Eagle for Sir Greg Indy who recently won International Mr Olympus.

This will take place upstairs at the 501 Eagle starting at 10pm please come out to show your support and help to congratulate Sir Greg on his recent victory. In the past several years Indiana has had a strong showing at International Olympus, this has resulted in several International Title Holders and several who have placed runner up.

This will be a great chance to come out and meet those who have competed in the past and learn more about the Regional Great Lakes Olympus Leather Title and the International Olympus Title and contest.

Great Lakes Olympus Leather is always looking for good contestants the Regional contest covers not only Indiana but the surrounding states who do not host independent contest for their state. If you live in a bordering state and are interested in competing this is a great opportunity to not only meet past and current title holders but also the contest producers.

Please join us in congratulating Sir Greg and wishing him well during his journey over the next year as Mr International Olympus Leather.

As always there will be Jello Shots and a 50/50 raffle if you would like to make a donation to Sir Greg’s travel fund you can also do so at this time.

Event Link Here