Vetting for South Bend Kink Play Party Admittance

South Bend Kink LogoSOUTH BEND – South Bend Kink will begin hosting quarterly play parties beginning in October.  It has always been a mission of the leaders of this group to ensure safety within our events and within our community.  These parties will be no exception to that.  To assure everyone’s privacy and safety, The South Bend Kink parties will be locked-down PRIVATE PARTIES with high security for gaining entrance into the venue.

After a lot of time and many, many discussions, we have come up with a system we believe will allow our security to go even one step further.  We do not want people who are unknown in this community gaining entrance into the parties, as we see those people as the highest risk.  As we all know, reputation is paramount in this lifestyle.

In order to RSVP for these play parties, you must go through an approval process.

Everyone must have done one of the following to be approved:

1.  Attended at least 2 South Bend Kink Events, including munches, discussion groups, and demonstrations.


2. Have two known members of South Bend Kink provide a reference for you.

If you have already met either of these requirements, then there is no issue for you.  There are currently NO people in this active community that we would want to prevent from attending.  This is simply for an additional safety precaution since private things will be taking place at these gatherings.