Two take titles at Indiana Leather Pride

The Indiana Ms. Leather fantasy. Those taking part are (from left)) GLLA Ms. Leather Pride 2017 Daddy Sky Cotton, slave Reba, and Indybabygirl. (Photo courtesy of Tom Fleetwood)

Contributed by Master LT

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Leather Pride contest was held this last weekend in Indianapolis. Among the three competing, two walked away with titles. Rachelle Bales (Indybabygirl) was awarded the title of Indiana Ms. Leather Pride 2018 and Cathy Haynes (Bootblack Cathy) became Indiana Bootblack 2018.

The Indiana Person of Leather title, which originally had two contestants, went unfilled. Glen Strange (Papa G) was forced to withdraw from competition due to health reasons and is currently recovering from surgery. Despite a passionate and playful fantasy, tearful interview and inspiring speech concerning her own battle with Cystic Fibrosis, Sara Ney (Poeticwatcher) did not earn the requisite points for clinching the title.

The weekend festivities kicked off at Gregs Our Place Thursday night with an Unofficial Leather Pride Pre-Party co-hosted by Adeena Gentle, our International Person of Leather 2017 and Mr. Indiana Leather 2018 Jeremy Muncie. The party was an opportunity for contestants, judges, locals and any out-of-town attendees who arrived early to Indianapolis to socialize before the pressure of the competition.

The official start of the contest weekend began with the Friday night Meet and Greet for judges and contestants also at Gregs. The evening festivities included an introduction of the contestants, judges and staff, entertainment by Ms. Kandi Cain and a jock auction benefitting The Gregory Powers Direct Emergency Financial Assistance (DEFA) Fund raising $600.

Saturday started with A Day in Leather at Clubhouse 2050. Contestant interviews were held in front of an audience as was the technical boot presentation. After a free-will meal including Boston butt BBQ smoked by the contest producer himself, Sir Vick, Indiana Leather Club presented two panel discussions. The first was Leather Clubs: Past, Present and Future, where four local leather back patch clubs were represented; Leather Hearts Club, Daddy Kenyon (historian), Crossroads Leather, Master Michael M (president), Indiana Leather Club, Master LT (president) and Indiana Falcons, Tim Barton (president). The second panel included three couples in various power exchange relationships discussing Different Dynamics. Their stories were both touching and inspiring. Barely a dry eye was left in the room by the end.

A Night in Leather followed Saturday evening back at Gregs Our Place with more entertainment and an auction for the contestant travel fund. All three contestants gave their speech and answered pop questions. The Ms. and Person of Leather contestants also presented their fantasies. Both fantasies were intense to say the least.

Sara began her fantasy as a human marionette controlled by her “rigger” puppeteer showing both her love of rope and the passion that rope play can embody. She then showed off her “kitty” side by donning a pair of ears and frolicking on the floor with cat toys and a laser pointer at the behest of her Sir to the tune of “What’s New Pussycat” sung by Tom Jones. By displaying two of her loves, she showed that leather and kink can be both seductive and playful.

Rachelle’s fantasy epitomized leather at its most primal level – rough, dirty sex. Her fantasy started with her leisurely primping in a public bathroom while three increasingly frustrated butch dykes waited in line. Finally having had enough of the femme’s loitering lipstick application, the three pull her from the restroom and teach her a lesson in the most raunchy, physical way possible. Let’s just say that our new Ms. Indiana Leather Pride certainly showed off her dirty pig side on the stage that night to the thrill of the crowd.

Master Scott and slave lyon gave their stepdown speeches as they concluded their title year as Indiana Master/slave 2017. In true form, lyon showed her grace and poise while thanking everyone who helped them along the way and Scott warmed our hearts with another tearful tribute to his slave and what their dynamic means to them and him personally. They continue as GLLA Master/slave 2017.

Our new Ms. Indiana Leather Pride and Indiana Bootblack plan to do a great deal of traveling around Indiana and the Midwest hoping to make many of the trips together. They plan to teach, distribute bootblack kits and reach out to everyone in the leather community to help continue to unite us all in leather.