Trident Windy City Holds First Chili Challenge

Daddy T of Chicago Leather Club displays her trophy and prizes.

CHICAGO – Trident International Windy City hosted a “Charity Chili Challenge” this past Sunday (Oct 21st) at their home bar Jackhammers. The contest was held to benefit the Broadway Youth Center – a program out of the Howard Brown Center for LGBT youths. It was a huge success with 9 organizations taking to the “Chili Stadium” to compete for trophies and bragging rights.

Attendees paid five dollars per ballot to do a blind tasting of the nine entries and vote on their favorite. The contest was in Chicago, so there were other elections to “steal.” To become the fan favorite (or not), participants could “buy votes” by donating. Each Chili Chef had a “Pleasure/Fan Favorite” and a “Pain/Fan Not-So-Favorite” bucket which people could “donate” money to add or subtract from the votes.

Chefs came from some of the various leather clubs in Chicago: Windy City Boys Troop, Chicago Leather Club. Other organizations were represented as well: LRA Chicago, GD2, Greater Chicago MAsT, CLAW, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and the Jackhammer bar and Touché bar. Third place trophy for the Chili Chef prize went to CLAW, second place went to Touché and first place went to Daddy T of Chicago Leather Club. Jackhammer won the fan favorite and a prize paddle.
Most importantly, more than $400 was collected for the Broadway Youth Center, and a check was given to representatives there at the contest. This represents over half of an average month’s food bill for BYC.
Michael S.
Special to Chicago Den