Tree Trimming and Wreaths and Briefs Auction at Cocktails Cleveland

PAACCLEVELAND – Join Cocktails Cleveland in Trim Your Tree Night on Nov. 30 at 10 p.m.!

Celebrating the community with a holiday tree trimming party. Bring an ornament to hang on a beautiful 8′ tree! Be a part of a great evening of brotherly and sisterly love! Hosted by Veranda L’ni Hotspots throughout the night.

Also, there will be a “Wreaths & Briefs” auction sponsored by PAAC (Pups Against Animal Cruelty). There will be an auction for wreaths designed by the pups and their trainers! And an auction for their briefs and jocks! Mr. Cleveland Leather 2014 – Sir Ben Feathers will be one of those auctioning off his jock.

Help the puppies and kitties at the no-kill shelter by bringing pet food, treats, litter, etc.

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Cocktails Cleveland