Toronto Leather Pride 2012 Educational Series and Presenters Announced

Leather Titleholders

TORONTO – Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. (HOTF) in conjunction with the So You Want to Be Kinky? group are proud to present the educational series presenters and workshops for the Toronto Leather Pride Weekend. (August 09 -12, 2012).

The TLP 2012 Educational Series will be presented on Saturday and Sunday (Aug 11 – 12) at the 519 Church Street Community Centre. (519 Church Street, Toronto).

Please see our website for the complete listing of times and dates for the educational series and for more information on the TLP 2012 Weekend.
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Presenters and Seminars include:
Kink and DisabilityPresented by: Richard Hubley
We are all aging with time and as time goes on our play changes because we need to adapt to those changes. This presentation will encourage you to re-think what a disability is (in all its forms) and not what society says it is. Be it by born that way, genetics, or accident, this will changing one’s perspective from seeing a barrier to seeing a challenge, a skill that is used by disabled persons on a daily bases, modifying your understanding of disabilities, knowing the limitations of one’s body, to techniques to enhance play for long sessions. They will benefit by understanding that over time changes happen for whatever reason to one’s body and ways to incorporate those changes into play. Throughout the workshop this is done by the use of PowerPoint slides of information, photos, and showing modifies physical items.

Switched On! – Switch DynamicsPresented by: Dana (aka Black Orchid)
Discover the joys and challenges of the fluid nature of switching and being a switch. For many, the assumption in the kink community is that someone will pick a side: top or bottom, dominant or submissive, master or slave, giver or receiver. Switches don’t always draw such clear distinctions, making them harder to understand. Come and learn more about blurring the lines between roles and activities in kink.

Cathartic Flogging: Cleansing the Spirit and SoulPresented by: Master Malik & Slave Cathy
Catharsis, as defined by dictionary, is purifying or relieving of the emotions. Cathartic Flogging is one of many ways to help a person to try to achieve this. The dam which holds the emotions and create pressure on body, mind and soul must be broken in a controlled manner to feel closer to one self, thus feeling closer to others. Body is experiencing the impacts of the flogger, thus encouraging the mind to stay in present and enabling the soul to fly free of burdens of emotional baggage. Tears, sobs, cries and/or laughter may follow. Heightened awareness may be achieved by this process once the interaction is settled on a balanced base. Even as we say that the topic of this class is Cathartic Flogging, implying that there is a goal for this, we must emphasize that best results may be experienced when no expectation is envisioned. This idea frees the mind to experience what it shall. The bond between top and bottom becomes strong because of this powerful energy exchange. We shall discuss and share our experiences about this phenomenon. Please know that, for some, this could be very spiritual and/or euphoric. We shall also discuss the negotiation and after care processes for this intense interaction.

Dungeon Etiquette and Protocols: Proper Behaviour and Respect in a Public Play SpacePresented by: Master Tony Palazzo
How many times have you attended a “play” event, or gone to a dungeon or public play space only to have the evening or event spoiled by an individual or group of people interrupting or invading your scene, either intentionally or unintentionally? It’s an all too common experience! We will look at what not to do when in a public space and some basic, common courtesies that are expected but many people forget about…or just can’t comprehend when playing publicly. Courtesies, Protocols(!) and Respect for people, environment and space, as well as the individual scenes that are happening around you will be addressed and demonstrated

Cause and Effect Bondage – The Joys of PredicamentPresented by: Sir Dart
Bondage becomes even more devilishly fun when the element of predicament is factored in. Tying up a sub in a situation where their movement or struggles will have a dastardly effect makes the play more interesting and makes for some great entertainment for all parties involved. In this class Dart and his boy Bart will demonstrate some of the creative evil ways you can put your bottom into some roped up predicaments!

Serving a Femme 101Presented by: Mademoiselle Ceci
Ever tied a corset? Attached a garter belt? Hand-washed delicates? Does this sound like a frightening foreign language? Then this class is for you!!! I’ve got the secrets, so come and get ’em!!! In this class you will learn some of the in’s and out’s of Femme-specific service. Have a question? Come ready to ask anything and eager for knowledge. This class is open to all and welcomes input and participation.

Using and Abusing the Family Jewels!
Presented by: Master Tony Palazzo
This workshop will examine what techniques and skills can be used for inflicting good, hard-core cock and ball work! Focus will be on making the experience pleasurable and safe for both parties participating. We will demonstrate different tools and toys that can be used, both those items made specifically for the purpose of cock and ball torture as well as everyday household items. And of course, some good old “hands-on” techniques! Safety issues when dealing with this part of the anatomy will also be discussed, as well as looking at CBT in the context of role and power exchange, ie: Dominance and control.

Thar He Blows: Giving Great Head
Presented by: Kink Dan
Call it cock sucking, giving head or hummers, it’s a dynamic part of the sexual experience that deserves more than just lip service. Come and join Dan as he shares tips and trick gained from over 20 years of tackling men’s tackle. In this hands on class we’ll cover how to give good head, trick your gag reflex, oral safety and some of the psychological issues surrounding sucking dick. We’ll also look at fellatio from the point of view of different rolls because sucking dick isn’t just for submissive and bottoms. This seminar is open to levels, genders and orientations.

Ritual Service
Presented by: Henry James
Webster’s defines service as an act of helpful activity. That helpful act can evolve into daily practice or specialized ritual within our D/s dynamics. This class will examine the means that we can take to elevate our acts of service to ritualized practice and explore the joy and freedom that can be found within. Class will include active discussion followed by a demonstration.

BDSM 100 – Safety First!
Presented by: Dana (aka Black Orchid)
Most of us want to learn about protecting and preventing physical injuries, but we don’t often think of how we might be injured emotionally or psychologically. Participants will learn how-to skills such as safely meeting and playing with people for the first time, identifying red flags in potential play or relationship partners, avoiding interpersonal drama, and how to deal with situations when things go wrong.

Please see our website for the complete listing of times and dates for the educational series and for more information on the TLP 2012 Weekend.

Toronto Leather Pride under the corporate banner of Heart of the Flag Federation Inc. is a member based, not-for-profit Corporation that is dedicated to producing events that celebrate Leather/Kink/Fetish culture while promoting our community and our city.

HOTFF is the proud producer of some of Canada’s largest leather fundraising events. We produce: the Toronto Leather Pride Weekend, which includes Leather Ball, Mr. Leatherman Toronto, Ms. Leather Toronto and Mr. Rubber Toronto competitions mid-August. We also produce Toronto Bound in late November and many other diverse events throughout the year.

The net proceeds of our events go to a beneficiary chosen by our titleholders and our board of directors. Our fundraising serves the greater community in Toronto.

This year our charity of choice is The 519 Church Street Community Centre.