Tops & Bottoms needed for playspace fundraiser in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS — In order to help raise money to outfit our new community space, we are auctioning off tops and bottoms at the July party The Playa’s Ball.

We need people willing to donate their time for scenes/experiences to be auctioned off!

Here is how the auction will work…you will propose a scene or experience to be auctioned off via the form below. I will make a big board of these and put it up early in the night with short descriptions of each experience. When it’s time for the auction, you’ll come onstage and the audience will bid on you and your experience.

The experiences can be any type of scene, for length of time, and don’t have to necessarily take place that night if you don’t want them to. We’ll collect payment from each bidder, then it’s up to you and the bidder to work out the details after that.

Some examples of the kinds of things we’re looking for:

  • Impact Scenes (Top or Bottom)
  • Rope Suspension
  • Bootblacking
  • Service at the 501 for the Evening
  • Massage/Pampering
  • House/Yard Work
  • Anything unique or interesting you might have to offer

Have fun with it, and be creative! Remember, the goal is to drive up the bidding as high as possible. 😉

Sign up to be auctioned here:…

Any questions, feel free to message me.