Too Impatient For Rope with Peoria Munch on June 9

PEORIA — Peoria Munch will cover bondage, quick and dirty, during their June Munch on Saturday, June 9.

From the Fetlife post:

Too impatient for rope? Maybe…but, maybe not. The June Munch will be hosted by the lovely Nefalhim. In this class, you’ll learn fast and dirty rope and ways to integrate it into a scene. There will be a sadistic bondage demonstration to show you how!

As always, the Peoria Munch is the 2nd Saturday of every month-Saturday, June 9th is the day this month. Munch will begin at 6 pm.

Please be sure to send an RSVP to atomic_curves before next Wednesday, June 6th. Since I’m unable to host this month, please be sure to send a Fetmail sooner than later to ensure your spot-space is limited.