Tomorrow’s MSCLL: The History of LRA Line up, May 18, 9:30pm

LRA Chicago
Reprinted with permission

CHICAGO – LRA has always been a kick ass club…in more ways than one!

This Friday’s My So-Called Leather Life will focus on the History of LRA. This is a chance to talk about “the good old days” while at the same time looking towards the future of LRA. And while we will talk about the Leather Rose and LRA, we will also be talking about the impact Leather Rose/LRA and it’s founder Hans has had on the Chicago community.

Speaking of whom, in what can only be described as a minor miracle, yes, we have heard from Hans!! We will be reading a letter from him regarding his background, his time with the Leather Rose and in the future, we are talking about doing a Skype session with him. Nevertheless, you’ll want to be around to hear what Hans has to say in his own words!!

Here are several others scheduled to attend who have participated from the days in Aurora to the present:

And we hope to have a surprise visitor or two….

So come on out to LRA this Friday, May 18, 2012 starting at 9:30pm for what promises to me a very interesting My So-Called Leather Life. Then after the discussion, in typical LRA style, we will do what we do best….kick some ass!

To attend, just send an e-mail with your legal name and the date (May 18) to Remember, we only issue one guest pass per e-mail request.

Hope to see everyone on Friday!