Toledo Kink Night! June 16

Midwest BDSM
Reprinted with permission

TOLEDO – Our historic mansion will be the setting for an evening of play. 100% of the money going into this party will be used to continue with the restoration of the mansion. This party is a fundraiser for the house you will be playing in. We have lots of uphill battles with the restoration, and hope you will enjoy what is likely to be the one, and only play party in this house.

Amenities of the evening will include:

  • Several St. Andrew’s Crosses
  • Spanking area.
  • At least one, if not 2 suspension rigs.
  • A private entrance, and valet parking if preferred.
  • Ask for an escort to and from you car, but the neighborhood is not that bad.
  • Food, and non-alcoholic drink provided by our attentive staff. (Hot, and cold food)
  • Stations all around the house, plus some private areas for more private play.
  • Cleaning supplies at every station.
  • Ceilings are high enough for single tail throwing.
  • Large outdoor covered smoking area on the beautiful stone porch.
  • Music on both floors!
  • Nudity is 100% allowed.
  • Blood play, piercing allowed in areas set up for play.
  • Separate areas for people who want just BDSM, and another area for people who like to “mix it up”.
  • LGBTQ Positive event!

Please pre pay. After you pay you will receive the address. BE PREPARED TO SIGN A WAIVER TO PROTECT ALL OF THE ATTENDEES, AND YOURSELF.