TNGC to Hold Kink and Consent with Mutilato

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Chicago Den

CHICAGO – The Next Generation Chicago is holding their next event on Saturday, April 7, at Galleria Domain 2. The topic is “Kink and Consent with Mutilato.”

According to the group’s FetLife post, Kink and Consent is a roundup on keeping players and the people around them safe in a scene. The session will cover techniques and perspectives on fetish and safety that may be applicable in not just the BDSM and swinger communities but in vanilla lives as well.

Issues to be covered include:

  • Pre-Negotiation Techniques
  • Preparing for safe scenes
  • RACK vs. SSC
  • Consent outside of a relationship
  • Intimacy Play
  • Authority and consent
  • Violence versus Abuse
  • Viewer Consent
  • Politicization of Consent in Scenes
  • Awareness and Consent
  • Issue Resolution

Facilitator Mutilato as been active in the scene for more than 20 years and has worked as an advocate for victims of sexual assault, and brings a wealth of knowledge regarding consent and safety in the BDSM scene.

TNGC is a local group dedicated to helping those below the age of 35 learn about kink and fetish is a safe space. Many of their sessions are held at Galleria Domain 2, but GD2 membership is not required to attend.

RSVP through FetLife at Please send Effervescence a message through FetLife if you need the exact address before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 7.