TNGC Presents – Pet Play – Saturday, October 6

CHICAGO – What does any person here know about (pet) play?

Pet play is really only limited by the individual, the protocols, boundaries, goals, even the creature (pet) identity can be created by the participant. Most of my interest and knowledge likes specifically in pup/puppy play. Which originally got it’s beginnings in the gay leather men’s culture, having a puppy boy to serve them as a pet or piece of meat.

There are varying degrees (or intensity) to pet play.

*From an individual that just enjoys curling up in/on blankets and pillows or someone’s lap. Perhaps with an occasional petting or scritches behind the ears.

*Anthro-Morphs are a type of furry (which rather differs from pet play), but are mostly human with ears, tail, paws, etc.

*Some folks (like myself) have clothing, accessories to alter or modify their appearance to look and/or feel more like their pet counterpart in the animal of their desire.

*After realizing they are a particular animal, some adopt manners and habits of them. A fur-sona if you will.

*In the slightly more taboo realm, some pet players may even seek their bio-equivalent as a companion or sexual partner, either in zoophilia or bestiality.

*On the more radical end of the spectrum, there are tales of some pet players that get very primal, choosing to be kept as an animal for long periods (ie month to a year)

About Sarge:
Sarge is a fun, caring, corny-witty sort. He has been interested and seriously involved in kink for more than 7 years. The last five, Sarge has gotten into and embraced his puppy self.

Though he doesn’t want to limit himself to just pet play, it is growing to be a signicant passion and real world escape. Sarge’s fetishes and kink interests are wide and varied. Always looking to expand his own knowledge so that he may share it with others curious or interested.

Making his recent debut as a presenter, Sarge plans to work on a book and hopefully establish a website, both focusing the realm of pet play.

Date & Time: Saturday, October 06, 2012 · 5:30 PM – 7:55 PM
Galleria Domain 2

Please PM a TNGC Leader for Exact address before 4:00 p.m. 10/6/12 @ map

Cost: Free!!
Dress code: Street Legal please


Used with permission