TNGC presents: Love & Wrath: On Fire w/william scathe

Date & Time: Saturday, March 03, 2012 · 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM

Galleria Domain 2

Chicago’s NW Side, RSVP for address @ map

Cost: Free
Dress code: Street legal
TNGC’s Educational Event for March: Love & Wrath: On Fire with william scathe
This event is free and open to anyone age 18-35 and their partners.
Please note that this event will be at GD2, not the Leather Archives & Museum. Also note that continue reading
TNGC’s Educational Event for March: Love & Wrath: On Fire with william scathe
This event is free and open to anyone age 18-35 and their partners.
Please note that this event will be at GD2, not the Leather Archives & Museum. Also note that it will go from 5:45 to 7:45 rather than our old time of 7-9. We need to end at 7:45 because GD2 has to open the club to members only at 8:00. Members of GD2 and their guests are welcome to stay after the event.
love & wrath:
on fire
with william scathe.

Play with fire.

Brutality, on fire. Lust, on fire. Shake bones, have casual fun, and make love, on fire. TV magician, you ain’t.

Mixing fire with kink and sex seems to be ‘edge play’ to most: you’re playing with fire? You’re either a wizard or insane, and if you aren’t the latter, of course you must’ve apprenticed? It conjures up ideas of the cloistered knowledge of the Vicars of Kink, secreted away in the Abbey of O, itself hidden in the haunted mountains between the enchanted Duchy of Joliet and Mordor.
In the end, fire is another potential tool for most people’s repertoire, relatively safe and very sexy, given some skill and precaution as well as a good rapport between partners. Key from the outset is the release of the conceit that you will ever be in control, and that you’ll never have an accident. You aren’t — this is fire; and in all likelihood, you will. In a moment, it can spread from where you intend it to go to people, furniture, pets, buildings or just your drapes or sprinkler system.

So, how about a workshop?

This workshop and discussion is about more than simply playing with fire. Fire doesn’t have to be the star of the show every time it comes into play. We’ll cover using fire as a toy used amongst others, as well as the focus of the kink, quickly, inexpensively, and safely (but not so safely that it’s not fun).
This isn’t a lecture! Come with questions, and come prepared to take notes and participate! There’ll be a chance for some guided hands•on and a test drive of your own, supervised by our spotters and experienced players.
what’s on the table.

  • A concise guide to the physics and chemistry of kink on fire, an overview of accepted risks and how to negotiate them from both the top and the bottom
  • Materials and techniques: Build the only fire play kit you’ll ever need for $10. What works, what doesn’t, and what’s dicey. how to play on a budget and how to go all•out. Fuels, safety gear, and accessories.
  • Burning practicum: how to negotiate kink on fire, how long to burn, how to determine tolerance, and how to control the environment as well as the unforeseen.
  • Technique and tool overviews: impact on fire, swabs, batons, gloves, bare hand, cupping, wax, mindfuck & psychological fire play. propelled and aerosol fire. Combining fire with other forms of kink: traditional impact, rough body play, flogging, knives, fear, sensuality, cold play, sex, bondage. What fire does work with (many things), and what’s more out of reach.
  • A demo, from start to finish: setting up the space, using several different techniques with several different bottoms, co•tops, and safeties.
  • A workshop with class attendees. Helpers will supervise fire play scenes with anyone who wants to learn.

What it won’t include:

  • Firebreathing (including scathe’s few months breathing fire, and why he won’t do it anymore).
  • Fire flogging (just because I haven’t gotten into it yet — if any of you are fire floggers, get in touch: maybe you can help me out!)

william scathe [wil-yuhm skeyth]noun.
1. this here douchebag with the weird hair.
2. Chicago born-and bred (this part’s important) jack-of-some-trades, dry bastard, original nerdsta, media junkie, good-natured visceral decadent.
3. Socially and publicly sex positive, postgender cismale (not an oxymoron!), ravenous deviant insatiate, multi-partnered polysomething setting sail in 2003.
4. A sexuality & relationships facilitator — not a sex educator — who’s stood at the front of workshops, demonstrations, and conversations at gatherings and events big and small for a few years now. These shindigs are carefully screened for Egomaniacal & Other Bullshit (E&OB) by a cutting edge Cultural Catholic Guilt Filtration system to aid in the assurance of time well spent and audience participation — which, by the way, is the steam that powers this engine.
The methods and focus are humanistic and pragmatic: communication, actualization, ethics, information and secession from the society of shame.