TNGC Hosts: November Play Party – Saturday Nov. 28

CHICAGO – TNGC hosts our regular play party at Galleria Domain 2 on Saturday, November 28th. We think this is a great time for people to come out and explore the kink scene in Chicago with your peers. It will also be a night that the club is available to all of the members of GD2 so it will be a great time for you to expand out and get to know more about what the scene could offer other than just our munch and educational events.


If you are not already a member, we are also happy to announce that if you would like to attend that GD2 has offered us a special rate of $15 (normally $25) on trial memberships for those of you who want to come to our event. Enter TNGC in the coupon code box. Here is GD2’s membership information:


Visit the FetLife event page to let others know you are going and to help get the word out.

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