Titans of the Midwest elect new board

DES MOINES — Titans of the Midwest held Executive Board elections from November 1, 2016 at midnight CST until November 15, 2016 at midnight CDT. The Titans of the Midwest have a current total membership of 209 Full andAssociate Members, with no Recruit Members. All Full and Associate Members are provided one vote each on matters presented to them for voting, including Executive Board elections. During this election, a total of 123 total completed and verified ballots were received (59% of members voting). Ballots were sent to the membership by both email and through social media.

The election results are as follows: (winners in bold)

President – (Incumbent Mike O’Donnell)
James J. Sargent (Officer Elect)
Zak Rittenhouse

Vice President – (Incumbent Neil O’Sullivan)
Neil O’Sullivan (Officer Elect)

Secretary – (Incumbent Rob Anderson)
Brett Peugh (Officer Elect)

Membership Secretary – (Incumbent Shane Achenbach)
Matthew Brooks
Seth Anderson (Officer Elect)

Treasurer – (Incumbent Turk Pierson)
Mark Bedker(Officer Elect)

BookKeeper – (Incumbent Gerald Cernak)
Shadi Beidas (Officer Elect)

Public Liaison – (Incumbent James J. Sargent)
Anthony Sivanthaphanith (Officer Elect)
Kevin Perdue

At-Large North – (Incumbent Ivan Nunez)
Christopher Diorio (At-Large Elect)

At-Large South – (Incumbent John Owen)
John Moreau (At-Large Elect)

At-Large East – (Incumbent Zach Bellman)
Brian Heim (At-Large Elect)
Matthew O’Toole

At-Large West – (Incumbent Brendan Mally)
John Owen (At-Large Elect)

A complete breakdown of the election results can be obtained from the 2016 Executive Board, please email titanmidwest@gmail.com for more information. Thank you.

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