Third Annual Fall Club Rush at Touche, Sept. 19


CHICAGO – Touché, 6412 North Clark Street in Chicago proudly announces the 3rd Annual Leather Club Rush Party to be held 10pm on Friday, September 19th. Besides being home to the Leather Archives & Museum and International Mr. Leather, Chicago boasts over 15 local leather/fetish clubs, some for play others strictly social. This Club Rush Party allows those interested in the club scene to meet members from many of these clubs and talk about their group’s activities and membership.

Chicago has had a vibrant leather and fetish community for many years prior to IML and the “coming out” of leather that followed in the success and growth of the contest each Memorial Day weekend. A few of these clubs have been in existence for many years while others came together in recent years as interests in other fetishes such as rubber and puppy play have developed.

Club activities vary greatly, some clubs are focused mainly on sexual play, others are more socially oriented. Either way, these clubs do offer their members opportunities to connect with others of similar interests locally and across the country. A few of these clubs take a leading role in our community, spearheading fundraising and food drives and providing volunteers for other events around Chicago.

Touché has been a home bar for many clubs past and present and has hosted visiting clubs as well. The back bar area of Touché is named The Club Room and the walls are lined with the colors of past and present clubs in Chicago and across the Midwest.

Traditionally, leather clubs are men only but a few have opened their membership to all, men/women and gay/straight. Anyone that may be interested in the leather scene should check out the local clubs that are a big part of our community, is welcome to attend the Club Rush Party at Touché and find out more about each club.

For more information about the 3rd Annual Fall Club Rush Party or Touché contact David Boyer at 773-465-7400 or