Think KinK Presents Being a little letter in a Big Letter World by boy brent

TERRE HAUTE – Think Kink’s presentation will start at 6 and will be around an hour to an hour and a half. Then we shall party til midnight. We have a small dungeon and anyone is welcome to play so bring you own toys and come have some fun.

We have a few games if anyone wants to play a game or you can just socialize with the speaker and all the wonderful attendees.

We ask if possible to bring a snack. Please bring whatever you wish to drink water and a place to chill your drinks will be provided.

Most of all we just really want to see everyone, we miss you all so come on out and have some fun.

You can find the event link here…..

Saturday, August 15, 2015 · 6:00 PM –12:00 AM

Please write me for an address and any questions you might have
the event is in Terre Haute Indiana

Cost: Free

Dress code: We only ask that outside the house you be covered enough that a child could see you. Other than that wear what you wish.


“I want to discuss the importance of participating in our community as a sub and not allowing our submissive side to preclude us from offering advice and our view points to the overall discussions and work that the community requires. Just because I have little letters comprising my name does mean I don’t have Big Ideas that would benefit the community as a whole and which as a member of the community I’m required to bring forward. If I just sit back and watch I’m doing no one a service. Let’s face it service is what being a sub is all about isn’t it?” boy brent

Think Kink