Think Kink Presents a Night of Needles with Franki, June 20

TERRE HAUTE – Come find the Needle in the body instead of the hay stack. We are so very lucky to have Franki coming down to present needle play to us. She brings with her not only the knowledge of needle play but if you have ever been around Franki you know the energy she adds to the space she is in and her partner Lyn i also can’t say enough good stuff about him and what he adds to the event too. We hope that you all come out to meet them both and see a fantastic demo.



Franki, a native to Indiana, has been experimenting and exploring sadomasochism since the 80’s. Franki is particularly fond of edge play and often presents on topics relating to that.
Franki has been in a loving, sadomasochistic relationship for over 14 years with her partner Lyn. In 2006, Franki and her partner decided to move from sadomasochism in the bedroom to every day, 24/7 playmates; both switches. Franki and her partner became a part of the Indiana kink community in 2006/2007.

Franki has been a First Responder, a CPR/FA instructor and is currently a licensed professional in her trade. Franki uses her knowledge of the human body to her advantage in SM play and lovingly shares that knowledge with others.

Needle Play

This is an introductory class that will teach and demonstrate the basics of needle play. We will go over the following:
Basic needle kit
Minimizing the risk of infection
Anatomy of a needle
How to pierce
Minimizing the risk of accidental sticks
How to remove and dispose of needles

We will discuss ideas on how to plan for a decorative scene, how to turn up the pain in a needle scene and predicament scenes with needles.

There will be time allotted to practice what you have learned under the supervision of experienced needle tops.

LynnHollow and I have been using needles in our SM life since 2007 and we are delighted to share this experience with you.

Think Kink