The Titleholders Experience

INDIANAPOLIS – In light of the recent Great Lakes Power Exchange contest that was recently cancelled, MAsT: Indianapolis is bringing together a panel of experienced Titleholders from each of the major Titleholding tracks. So, far the March MAsT: Indianapolis panel includes:

  • Indiana Master & slave 2011-2012 Master Sindarian & Sindarian’s ciara to represent the Master/slave Titleholder track
  • 2010 Mister 501 Eagle & Indiana Leather Sir 2012 SirErnie to represent the Leather Sir Titleholder track
  • Great Lakes Ms Leather 2010 bratkatt to represent a Woman’s Leather Titleholder track
  • Power Exchange Titleholder track – 2012 International Power Exchange couple Lady Elsa & Boi kris to represent the Power Exchange Titleholder track
  • Bootblack Titleholder track – 2011 Great Lakes Bootblack Gabriel to represent the Bootblack Titleholder track
  • Leather boy Titleholder track – TBA

These panelists will be sharing the experiences they had as Titleholders as well as answering any of the questions you may have about what it takes to be a Leather Titleholder!

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Date & Time: Friday, March 08, 2013 · 8:00 PM –10:00 PM
501 Eagle Indianapolis

501 N. College Ave INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204                      @ map

Cost: 1 drink (non-alcoholic drinks available)
Dress code: Street legal

MAsT: Indianapolis