The positive effect of Power Exchange in our lives – Chicago Power Exchange Roundtable

We choose power exchange because it’s a positive for us. As such, it can spill over into other areas – work, family, school, non-BDSM social interactions, etc – bringing a positive impact to our lives in general. How may that positivity manifest? As strength / a place of certainty in times of duress? As fresh perspective that may inspire our decisions? As a spiritual or philosophical frame to build on? As a means to uplift? Or to ground our selves? In what other ways?

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, or just curious about power exchange, this event is for you. Also, we seek participation from those involved in power exchange in all its many forms – D/s, M/s, Owner, boi, Trainer, pup, etc!

Let’s hear about what positive impact power exchange has brought
or can bring outside of our sexuality & power exchange relationships themselves. Join us this month at *LRA for our Roundtable, on Saturday, November 17th. Discussion will start at 4:00pm & end at 6:00pm and is free to attend. Afterwards, those who wish to may join us at a nearby restaurant where we can relax and enjoy getting to know each other!

Noting that for LRA, you must be at least 19 years of age or older and show a government issued photo ID to be admitted. RSVP for address at, or go to Facebook and show your interest there. (You do not need to be a member of LRA for this event.)

This facility is wheelchair accessible.