The Myth, the Man, the Legend: DaddyDreamMaster

EVANSVILLE – In this journey there are few people that you hear about and yearn to have a Q & A session. DaddyDreamMaster or DDM is one of these people.  ask DDM questions ranging from how long he been in the lifestyle, to philosophy, to advice. His answers were eye opening and insightful.

How long have you been in lifestyle?  “Thirty two years, since I started practicing regularly, though I have had fantasies and desires and limited experiences going back to my childhood. There are times I have felt that I have always been kinky. Well I was already using DaddyDreamMaster before Fetlife came about, it started as DreamMaster on Yahoo and I ran a local BDSM discussion group on Yahoo Groups. Someone reported the group, and there went my DreamMaster persona, Yahoo deleted the group as well as the screen name that I had been using for years. At that point I had become a Daddy Dom so adding the Daddy moniker was a natural fit.”  What groups do you currently run or formed? “I have two groups “The Whitehouse” and “The Whitehouse Family” The group names are a spin off from my last name; The Whitehouse is open to anyone except asshats, but The Whitehouse Family group is closed to family members only.”

With someone who has been successful and in the lifestyle lead for so long I’m curious what are your goals? “The goals for The Whitehouse group are simply to promote parties and events hosted at The Whitehouse. The Whitehouse family group will be for discussing family business ways we can grow as individuals and as a family for the betterment of the community as a whole. As one of the elders in our community my goal there is education, whether it be 1:1 mentoring Dominants, lectures and demonstrations or hosting and participating in educational events.”

I’m curious, what’s the best advice you have given or received? “In life the best advice I have been given is… “The secret to knowledge lies not in having it, but knowing where and how to obtain it.” The best advice I have given others I somewhat of a mantra for me “In this life we are first off Human, then Man and Woman and finally Dominant and submissive. Things get fucked up when we try to reverse the natural order of things. We can’t do anything about being Human or our gender even if that gender is chosen. However the roles we assume in the lifestyle are our sole choice and responsibility. Therefore we must respect the natural order of things in order for the roles we choose to be successful.” What are some things people don’t know about you such as hobbies? “Aastronomy, photography and writing few of my many hobbies. I have written a novel but have yet to have it published.” Side note – now a good time to have that novel published.

Even though you aren’t in the local Evansville area you have experience in this area of Southern Indiana do you see a need for a local council or society which the group’s web off of, and in your local area do you have any organization similar to this? “Having had experience with such a group in our area before, I am going to have to say no. It’s best that each group have their own leader’s rules and expectations and allow the membership to choose which group they wish to identify with. The concept of having a council that is made up of the leadership of the other groups in the area sounds wonderful in theory, but can be disastrous in practice.”

Getting back to the groups do you host parties or munches? “I do host parties in my home and no they are not open to just anyone, there is a vetting process to attend one of these parties, if I don’t know you personally, then someone I know and trust needs to know you and are willing to provide a reference for you. Munches however are open to anyone as they are in public venues, there are at least three active munch groups in this area. There are plenty of propensities for someone to attend one of these munches and get to meet a few of the kinky folk, but more importantly for the kinky folk to get to know you.”

As his names implies DDM sees himself as a “sadistic Daddy Dom, though I am not a sadist, I do take pleasure in delivering a certain amount of pain to someone for our mutual pleasure. I am also a Master in the lifestyle, having mastered the craft and been awarded the title. This is not the same as an M/s relationship. A Daddy in that is the role I am most comfortable in, a supportive, nurturing role with all the responsibility that goes along with the title.” Lastly, what is your favorite color and food this is always a personal favorite of mine due to the answer which DDM responded with “Red Seafood…. As in Lobster, Crab etc… My favorite color has always been Red and I love just about any kind of seafood.”

Next month I hope to have another legend interview. It is always great to get someone who has many years of experience under their belt. Personally I want to thank DDM and his wonderful group. I have broken bread with them and never seen anything that would lead me to question this group nor the threads they share in their groups. DDM is a true example of someone I hope to learn more from and one day be able to walk in his shoes.

Reporter’s note: After doing the Q & A with DDM we had a tragic event strike our house. My wife’s father passed on way too early, and while he may never knew we were in this lifestyle I have learned in death he is someone I should have got to know better in life. This article is dedicated to his memory, gone but never forgotten.