The LRA September 2012 Membership Special

CHICAGO – In honor of both the Illinois Leather n Fetish Pride weekend (Sept 14-16) and LRA’s upcoming A Taste of Kink (Sept 29), we are pleased to announce a limited Membership special.

This special will run from September 14 through September 30, 2012. Get in on it now, because THIS WILL BE THE LAST MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL WE RUN IN 2012!

To make it easier, you can download a membership application by going to…. You can either e-mail it back to us at, bring it to the club or mail it to us at our new mailing address:

LRA Chicago
1333 W. Devon Ave., Suite 203
Chicago, IL 60660

We accept all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover), checks and money orders.

If you are not using credit/debit card, you will need to bring your payment to LRA no later than midnight on September 29, 2012, however, if using e-mail, your application MUST be received by midnight on September 30, 2012.

LRA is offering the following membership specials:

For one-year LRA memberships, we are reducing the price for a one-year (in district) membership to $300.00 (for a single payment), or you can lock in a year’s worth of fun at only $30.00 a month, for a total of $360.00. These prices reflect a 20% discount from our regular rates.

We are also offering a discount on our quarterly membership rate. You can become a member for three (3) months for $90.00 (a savings of $10).

Remember, to be a member of LRA, you must be 19 years of age or older, have visited the club at least once, and submit a completed application and waiver, and tendered the appropriate membership dues no later than September 30, 2012.

Already a member and wishing you had this rate? Simply, send us your payment either in full or for the first month on your renewal. This will insure that your renewal rate will be at the price quoted in this letter. However, you will still be responsible for fulfilling the terms of your current years membership.

Benefits of LRA Membership include:

*Invitation to special “Member-Only” parties and events
*Use of the LRA facility during club hours.
*Rental of the LRA space during non-club hours.
*Guest privileges up to 2 times a month if a member wishes to bring a guest.
*A chance to visit other clubs around the country with your LRA membership at a discounted price or even free!
*A membership card that identifies you as a member of LRA when attending our facilities and events.

More information and applications are on our website, or e-mail us at You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity! This is your chance to join the LRA at a ridiculously low price.

Remember, this special ends September 30th, so make sure you sign up now to get in on all the fun!

Thank you for your support of your club!