The First Ever Annual Sometimes Rough Crowd Play Party

CHICAGO – On April 14, we’re doing Rough Crowd as usual (Forearms and Elbows!), and that night from 8:00pm – 1:00 am, we’re going to have the first ever Rough Crowd play party. We’re taking over GD2 on a Sunday night – well, maybe just “overrunning” it; while it’s a special Sunday Rough Crowd night with lots of rough body play, the club is open to all GD2 members, and I look forward to seeing a bunch of regular GD2 members at our party as well!

April 14 is the First Ever Annual Sometimes Rough Crowd Play Party!!

If you’ve been part of Rough Crowd… if you’ve been coming to Rough Crowd, or just reading posts and hearing people talk about it… if you’ve been thinking, “golly, I wish there was a Rough Crowd play party,” well, your golly has been answered.

Whether you’re an old hand at rough body play, are new and want to experience it, are a glorious pervert and just want to watch a bunch of rough body play, or you just always thought a rough body play-themed play party would be totally awesome… come to the Rough Crowd Play Party and join us for the fun!

Show ‘N’ Tell

Yes, really.

Do you have a technique or trick you like and would like to show off… er, share? It can be anything you like, just so long as it’s rough body play-related. Just sign up on the Show N Tell list when you arrive, and we’ll have a little structured fun early in the evening. Doors open at 8:00; Show N Tell will start at 9:00, so if you have a topic – or if you want to watch and learn – be sure to arrive early.

Want More Info?

Check out the event discussion post, here in the Rough Crowd group. It has all the information on what you need to attend and how to arrange that. Go read the full post!

FetLife Event page; be social and say you’re coming!

See you there!

Galleria Domain 2 Chicago