The Feast Game Night, Jan. 14

INDIANAPOLIS – Delight in battling fellow kinksters in various games of strategy and luck!

Game Paradise in Fountain Square (a few doors down from the White Rabbit Cabaret) is a LGBT friendly venue providing a space to relax and play against each other with a vast library of over 2300 board games. Outside food and drinks are allowed. Also, if their selection is missing something, feel free to bring a game of your own!

This event is open to all kinksters 18+

Here is their website for details:

Fetlife event page:

Date & Time: Thursday, January 14, 2016 · 7:00 PM –11:00 PM  
Game Paradise

1110 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN   @ map

Cost: $5/hr or $12.50 for the evening- outside food and drink allowed
Dress code: Casual, family-friendly