The Face of New Leather — Intro

Some have said that here in Chicago, we are currently experiencing a surge in individuals who are new to Leather and new to what Leather is about.These individuals come from all facets of the kink community, age, class and the like.But most importantly, and interestingly, is that there are a number of non-homosexual males who are now embracing Leather.

This is not anything unique to Chicago. In fact, this is being noted all over the country.Blogs and websites are all a twitter (pun intended) with commentary about the influx of new people in the Leather community.And with the new blood comes new ideas and new perceptions of what it is to be Leather.

For me, I am still relatively new to Leather.While I have been involved with BDSM for over 12 years, I only accepted my position as a Leatherman about 4 years ago.As a heterosexual black male, there are times when I find my involvement has been welcomed with open arms, skeptically and conditionally welcomed or somewhat dismissed.

None of this, however, deters my commitment to what I believe Leather represents.As the current president of LRA, Chicago’s oldest pansexual BDSM/Leather club, I get to see how Leather is played out in different ways. I also find myself discussing what makes up Leather with those who are either interested, confused or both. One constant question that comes up is whether or not someone who is not a gay male will be accepted as a Leatherman/Leatherwoman. Another persistent question that arises is how does the new breed of Leatherfolk fit in with the what the more traditional leather community represents.

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be writing as a representative of this new breed of Leather folk and how we both do and don’t fit in with the “traditional” Leather community. We’ll discuss how the new face of Leather impacts the more traditional model, but also, in what ways are those who are new to Leather making their mark on the overall Leather community.

As always, comments will be welcomed and encouraged.

Until next time.