The Crack of the Whip

EVANSVILLE – Continuing with the theme of local legends my next person I sat down with goes by the name Whip_Master_2003  on Fetlife. Those close to him call him simply Whip or Whip_Master. A monster of man if you ever get a chance to sit and chat your quick to learn his height is not the only thing large. Whip is intelligent and has a heart of gold. He has been a dominate most of his life, but it wasn’t till 15 years ago he got involved in the local BDSM community. Whip identifies himself as a Dom. When I first came into the lifestyle I heard rumors about Whip, but quickly came to realize he had been around a long time.

I asked him during his journey how many groups has he been apart of or been a member? His response was “there are literally too many groups to mention over the years in regard to my affiliation with them. I have assumed leadership and advisor roles in many of them. Sadly all of the groups over two years old are defunct except Evansville Munch Bunch, Club Taboo Evansville, and Evansville Events Calendar.” This got me thinking about both groups, and the how as a leader of two of these  I need to have monthly Munch’s & get back to fun parties. This will only occur though with the help of the group itself and the community as a whole.”

Speaking of parties I asked Whip about a rumor I heard that at one time he had a house which the community used his answer opened my eyes. “I owned a bunch of rental property several years ago. I had one huge house that needed a lot work done. I allowed a group called SSC to renovate it totally in BDSM fashion. This meant several dungeons, a jail room, suspension and other things. It was open for parties every week and people were coming in from over a 150 mile radius. Sadly bickering, fighting and power struggles among the leaders did the house in and I was forced to sale it.” Again amazing to hear the struggles we have today were present 15 years ago. Recently we had a community leader decide to close his house up and deactivate his Fetlife account, I respect his decision, but miss the opportunity he offer to us.

Whip’s best advice he ever received was to “continue to learn and never stop growing.”  I then asked Whip if he would ever resume a leader role, his response was “I hadn’t considered assuming another role but I might be receptive to it. It would depend on what I thought of the group, its leadership and its rules and goals and what would be expected of me.” Which lead me to ask if he thought a local council would help or is needed locally, and he stated “I don’t think a council would work. The reason all the groups in the past have failed is too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There have always been bickering and power struggles. The groups remind me of churches which keep arguing and splintering off. I think it is best when there is one central leader who is helped by the members. It’s like a family group in the BDSM community. It is most effective when there is one Leader and maybe a Hierarchy.”

As for the future of our local BDSM community I asked Whip as someone who basically done it all what do you think our future holds?  “I believe there will always be groups forming and biting the dust. That’s how it’s always been and how it will always be. I just hope that everyone can find his own special group that provides what they want and need in the lifestyle.” One of my all-time favorite questions is what your favorite color and food? “I don’t really have a favorite color but if I have to choose one it is black. I love fried chicken!….smiles.”

This leads me to reflect on our current state, and stop and think how history tends to repeat itself. I hope this isn’t the case. I know we can come to together. It won’t be easy, but with people like Whip around reminding us of the past  I have hope.