The BOE Presents: Fear Play – May 29

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — The Board of Education will featured fear play with their weekly education session on Tuesday, May 29.

From the Fetlife post:

Fear and anxiety play is usually reserved for those experienced pairings, either with each other or others with the same experience set. My presentation will focus heavily on trust, with communication being a minor focus. The extremes used during this form of interaction can literally render the bottom unconscious, so obviously, newbies are encouraged to refrain. Live flame propane torches, straight razors, and many other dangerous items can come into play in the physical sense, but it’s the mental application of these things that render the subject into a state of quivering, trembling bliss.

Hoods, blindfolds, ballgags, mittens, all are implements used to block the senses so the play can be precisely aimed at the mental bullseye. Abductions, hooded rape scenes, interment scenes coupled with the sound of a shovel turning soil, or the sound of the torch paired with the application of ice to the flesh can all produce the desired effect, if well thought out and utilized properly.

A blindfolded, handcuffed foot chase through the house can leave a sub hyperventilating in fear, even if the sub was the one that made the request. It’s all in the devious application. My goal today is to plant the seeds, sow them prolifically among you so that you may nurture these ideas as your relationships develop, and harvest them to use at your own will…when the time is right.

This class will be taught by SirDilligaf and mrsDilligaf

SirDilligaf has been around the local community since he moved to Lansing in 2011, and tying girls up since he was 20. As a member of the Leo board, he’s had an opportunity to meet many awesome people and learn many new things. He and his girl, mrsDilligaf have been together for nearly 4 years (and married for 2). One of their favorite play themes is fear and anxiety, despite what she may try to tell you. Exploring in and around the home first, and then in some public setting, clandestine scenes, they have experienced some pretty exciting moments. He and mrsDilligaf both welcome friend requests, but please, message him first before messaging her.

You can RSVP on the Fetlife event.