The BOE Announces: Transgender Folk: Who Are We?, July 23

BOE Small Web Logo 448pix by 336pxALLEN PARK, Mich. – I’m proceeding like normal with class announcements. Given the hiccups we experienced this past week at the hotel, I only ask that people keep an eye out for any news or changes on the fetlife group, the newsletter, or twitter. Currently we have a call out to the hotel manager, but don’t have any further updates at this time. If you don’t see anything out of the ordinary, I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be business as usual by next Tuesday! 🙂

But if you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to either send me a message or post a new discussion rather than taking the attention away in this thread about this awesome class we have coming up! Thanks everyone!

This week’s class is:

Transgender Folk: Who Are We? with Sir Troy

First time attending a BOE class?

We will be exploring who the Transgender community is through vocabulary, history, culture and spirituality.

Please RSVP on the event page for this class here!

RSVPing in advance is very important as it ensures that adequate seating can be prepared!

  • Class begins at 7:30 pm in the Packard Room.

Before class meet and greet with our presenter Sir Troy at O’Henry’s, located in the hotel, for dinner at 6:00 pm. The menu for O’Henry’s can be found here. (Please enter through the door with the green awning.)

Feel free to message me or post here if you have any questions.

See you Tuesday!