The 21st Century of LEATHER

CHICAGO – Black Market Chicago (myself, in other words) is proud to announce its survival in the midst of the current “Great Depression.” BMC has launched it’s “bells and whistles” NEW website, which is customer-friendly. It’s a proud, happy day. Everyone can now buy AMERICAN-made leather bondage gear on BMC’s site, securely. You can use any damn credit or debit card you wish, and Paypal.

Buy American. Because …. do you realize that MOST bondage/BDSM businesses have succumbed to selling goods made in Pakistan, in the name of profit? Well, it’s true. They have. Go to any shop and see if you find even ONE local vendor’s goods in that store. They are buying cheap shit — purchased for $4 ala slave labor, selling it for $40. “The more you know…….” 😉

Check out BMC’s new “bells ‘n whistles” website. ( Order something. If not, “Like” an item, “Share” an item on your Facebook page, “Tweet” something, “PIN” something. IF you do that and EMAIL ME about it? I’ll give you a coupon. I’m like that.

Thank you all for supporting me and BMC the last *very tough* few years. I loves ya.

Black Market Chicago