The Tenth Circle Play Party-Bigger and Better, May 7

DETROIT — Legion of the Tenth Circle, we have grown strong and many. We needed more space for our kinky and twisted fun. So we kicked the walls back to make more space and we filled that space with more furniture. Now we welcome you to come play in our bigger and better Tenth Circle.

The Tenth Circle is proud to host Rapture, to teach Caning: From Sensual to Sadistic. Rapture is also a leather craftsman and will be bringing a selection of floggers, cuffs and many more leather goods to vend. Details Below!

This Event is for EVERYONE. EVERYONE is Invited!

Saturday May 7th
5:30pm Doors Open
6:00pm-7:00pm Caning Class with Rapture
7:15pm – 7:30pm Play Space Etiquette Orientation
7:30pm – 1am Play Party

$20 per person
$35 per couple

Location will be given after RSVP
The Hall is located 1 mile off I-75 on a Busy Main road.
We will have ATTENDANT in parking lot to show people in.
More details will be provided in email confirmation.


After you RSVP you will receive an email confirmation with the address. You must have received email confirmation to attend. Anyone showing up who isn’t on the approved guest list will be turned away at the door. If you are not sure you are on the list or not sure how to RSVP; write Vexie an email.

Class Description:
Caning: From Sensual to Sadistic
Canes generally have a nasty connotation to them. Brutal. Painful. Punishing. While they can be all these things, they don’t have to be. In this class we will cover a wide range of topics, mostly focused on making caning an enjoyable experience for both top and bottom. We will cover topics including, types of canes, safety concerns unique to canes, psychological and physiological effects on the bottom, types of cane strokes, rhythmic caning, tailoring your play to music, and more. The class will also feature a 15-20 minute demonstration of a caning “scene” as a standalone scene.

Bio: Rapture
Rapture, or Thom as he is known by most, has made the metro Detroit area his home for more than 20 years and has spent nearly that long in the BDSM realm. A father of three, a leather craftsman, and an avid sports fan, Rapture is a member of the board of directors for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), the event coordinator of L.I.F.E.(Leather Institute For Education) Detroit, a long time co-host of monthly BDSM parties Wicked and Dark Nirvana, and long time educator.

Rapture has presented classes all across the midwest and east coast including caning, single tails, impact play, BDSM 101 and safety at events such as Twisted Tryst, TESFest, COPE, Ohio SMART, Beat Me in St. Louis, Madtown Kinkfest, NELA Fetish Flea, Sinergy, GRALE (Grand Rapids, MI), and many more.

Within the lifestyle, Rapture started his journey years ago as a horribly smart-assed bottom and submissive. Realizing that his smart mouth was not conducive to submission, he began switching, and eventually a nearly full time Top/Dominant. While having a wide range of interests in play, his mostly positive experiences as a bottom with canes, and many other things, led to his determination to become proficient with as many of them as possible as a top.

Experience Needed to Attend? NO!!!
If you are new and unsure about play space etiquette; we have you covered. We will have a play space orientation where we will review rules and courtesies.
7:15pm – 7:30pm Play Space Etiquette Orientation.

Please see rules before attending event.
Play Space Rules

Join our group for updates about future event The Tenth Circle

Basic Etiquette for this Event:

  • Must be over 18. If you’re over 100 and still coming to play parties, you must be OK with being our hero.
  • It is OK to go by your screen name only. One does not ask “is that your real name” better to ask “how would you like me to address you”.
  • This is low protocol, you are not expected to address others as Master or Mistress. (Unless that is apart of your personal relationship.) Sir and Ma’am are still polite ways to address people you do not know, but better to ask “Sir/Ma’am, how would you like me to address you?”.
  • If you’re a submissive, you’re not expected to be anything but courteous to anyone, unless you’ve expressly agreed to do so. If you’re a dominant, the only submissive you have a right to expect anything other than courtesy from is YOUR submissive.
  • Be sure you have consent before touching anyone.
  • Do not take pictures or videos of others. You will be banned. Please seeplay space rules.
  • If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or does something inappropriate, please inform The Tenth Circle staff or DM right away.