Talking Dirty w/ SherynB, Sat., July 14

CHICAGO – GD2 is excited to host SherynB for a sexy and interactive class described as “Technicolor Surround-Sound 3D Fantasy”.  Come join us for an erotic discussion on Talking Dirty!

Voice and language evoke emotion, fantasy, and desire…bringing them to life in full, brilliant color. From the smell of fresh-baked bread, to the taste of a partner’s skin, from the rough tangle of sheets under your body, to a soft tangle of hair in your fist and a breathy gasp of fear…you can create, mold and shape experiences using memory, imagination and the senses. Whether you want to enhance your scenes, give good phone sex, write erotica, explore “impossible” fantasies, or enhance your masturbatory fodder…this class will teach you how to bring your words to life.

About SherynB

Poly-kinky-hedonist-sadist-masochist-slut-pansexual-switch…pick a label, pick ’em all, if you want. Given a choice, she’ll take both–because it’s less about “what” & “how” than “who” & “why.” Her passion is energy, intensity and connection, and the deep core of emotion that drives people in search of ecstatic experience, especially in the world of kink. She happily explores that passion on both sides of sex, pain, fear, blood, service and sensuality.  Her writings “Assent Matters” “The Cult of Aftercare” & “A Single Gal’s Manifesto” can be found at SherynB on Fetlife.


The Power of Words: Talking Dirty Presented by SherynB

Saturday, July 14, 2012 6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 ) Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required Open to All 18+ w/ID FREE


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Galleria Domain 2
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