Take action to help LGBTQ families in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office has appealed a federal court ruling from June 2016 ensuring that same-sex spouses can both be listed on their child’s birth certificate.

It’s hard to overstate the terrible impact this decision could have on Hoosier families. If this ruling is overturned, same-sex spouses across Indiana will find it harder than ever to protect and provide for their families.

Rush a message to Attorney General Curtis Hill urging him to protect Hoosier families and drop this dangerous appeal immediately.

there, through first steps and the first day of school—then, suddenly, in the eyes of the law you’re a stranger.

That’s what’s at stake as Attorney General Hill plays political football with the livelihood of real Hoosier families as he appeals this common-sense court ruling.

The leaders of our state should be committed to supporting and strengthening families—not tearing them apart. If this ruling is overturned, it’s LGBTQ Hoosier families who will suffer the consequences.

Tell Attorney General Hill: Stop targeting our families and drop this mean-spirited lawsuit.

Freedom Indiana