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BOE March Party on March 3

Board of Education

WATERFORD, Mich. — The Board of Education kink education group in Michigan has issued an open invite for their March 3 play party. From the Fetlife post: The BOE is pleased to invite you to its first ever public party. Want to check out a BOE party without joining or finding a sponsoring member? This…

Dark Side of Kink Opens in Waterford, MI

WATERFORD, Mich. — The Dark Side of Kink started out as a large annual event that was created to cater to everyone in our community, not just small pockets like some of the smaller events, with 480 people attending the first event. In Michigan there are not many places to buy leather or fetish apparel, with some bars hosting pop up retailers or underwear shops. In fact if you Google leather shops in Michigan you will only find one other store currently offering fetish apparel. So Sir Jay, the current GLLA-MI Handler, decided to venture into the retail market, to make fetish apparel available to a community in need of a location to find their leather and fetish needs.

DSK Tied Up Weekend, Nov. 17-20

WATERFORD, Mich. — DSK proudly presents: Tied Up Weekend. A Complete weekend of ROPE and DEBAUCHERY featuring some of the most talented local rope artists in Michigan and beyond. Friday come join us for our social hour Meet & Greet. Find friends and maybe even a partner for the weekend. Friday is included in weekend package.…