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A day in the life of porn – Watts the Safeword

There isn’t a huge world of content creators in leather and kink. And as creators go, us here at the Den are rather mundane. One of the others we follow is Watts the Safeword, a kink vlog/education channel on YouTube. This week, the host Pup Amp (you might have seen him at IML) takes us…

New music video from Doug Strahm

FORT WAYNE — Indiana bear singer Doug Strahm released a new song last month, called “Drive.” It’s a bit of a departure from a lot of his music, which leans much more towards country. But this is a great song and the video… you might need to shower or have a cigarette afterwards, it’s that hot. Especially when you hear the daddybear’s accent. Woof.

You can see Doug’s other videos at his YouTube channel.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 2 SWIM WEAR BEARS

Sorry we’re late posting the latest episode of Where The Bears Are! Determined to solve Dickie Calloway’s murder for his new Inquisitive Channel true crime TV show, Reggie bribes Nelson and Todd by offering to pay for their entire wedding if they help him solve the case. Meanwhile, Wood auditions male models for his new swimwear line called “Sporting Wood”.

CineKink Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 11th Annual ‘Kinky Film Festival’

RAHWAY, NJ – CineKink, the annual film festival and national screening tour dedicated to celebrating and exploring the wide diversity of sexuality, has launched its first-ever Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. “By partnering with us and making a donation, you play an essential role in helping us to encourage and promote sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film, video…