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Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 9 MAMA BEAR and PAPA BEAR

On Where The Bears Are – While hosting a brunch at the Bears’ house for his parents, Nelson works up the nerve to ask his mother about the incriminating words she was overheard to say about Dickie right before he was murdered, which sends her into an emotional tailspin. But instead of blaming Nelson, his mother focuses her anger on Todd (Ian Parks), whom she clearly does not want marrying her son. 

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 8 GAME SHOW BEARS

On Where The Bears Are – When the Bears show up on the set of a TV game show where Dickie’s boyfriend Matt works to question him about why he didn’t attend Dickie’s funeral, the producer winds up recruiting them as contestants when the team going up against the returning champions suddenly drops out.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 6 FUNERAL BEARS

On Where The Bears Are – While attending Dickie Calloway’s funeral, Nelson (Ben Zook) can’t seem to muster a somber mood for the occasion. Meanwhile, the Bears question two suspects who both had strong motives for murdering Dickie– his ambitious acting understudy Theo Summerfield and Nelson’s own best friend from college Sandy Quinn (Gabby Sanalitro) who was devastated when Dickie stole Nelson away from her to move to Hollywood and form their Two Fat Guys comedy act.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 5 BATHHOUSE BEARS

On today’s Where the Bears Are! The Bears bare all at a gay bathhouse in order to track down Honey Garrett’s ex-boyfriend Eduardo (Josef Arellano) who they suspect of serving Dickie Calloway the poisoned champagne at the wedding shower. Meanwhile, Nelson and Todd both worry about being monogamous once they’re married, Wood runs into his super hot Sporting Wood model Tucker Fox (Jeff Bosley) and Reggie confronts a closeted co-worker.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 4 BEARS IN THE KITCHEN

On Where The Bears Are! The Bears confront kitchen maven Honey Garrett (Brooke Dillman) on the set of her Inquisitive Channel TV show Cooking Time with Honey Garrett after Reggie remembers seeing her having a heated argument with Dickie Calloway right before he choked on poisoned champagne at Nelson and Todd’s wedding shower.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 3 BIG TIME BEARS

On the latest Where the Bears Are! Reggie (Rick Copp) feels pressure to solve the Dickie Calloway murder when his boss Maggie Dexter (Missi Pyle) insists he be more aggressive in order to beef up his show’s ratings. Meanwhile, Wood cuts a deal with the Inquisitive Channel to feature his new swimwear line on all their shows including Murder Time with Reggie Hatch.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 2 SWIM WEAR BEARS

Sorry we’re late posting the latest episode of Where The Bears Are! Determined to solve Dickie Calloway’s murder for his new Inquisitive Channel true crime TV show, Reggie bribes Nelson and Todd by offering to pay for their entire wedding if they help him solve the case. Meanwhile, Wood auditions male models for his new swimwear line called “Sporting Wood”.

Where The Bears Are – Season 4: Episode 1 CELEBRATING BEARS

In the Where The Bears Are fourth season opener, the Bears throw a wedding shower in their backyard to celebrate Nelson and Todd’s upcoming nuptials, but things go south fast when Nelson’s mother Doris starts taking potshots at Todd, Nelson invites Todd’s estranged brother Jimmy without telling him, and a spiteful party crasher makes an insulting toast that threatens to ruin the entire event.