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New music video from Doug Strahm

FORT WAYNE — Indiana bear singer Doug Strahm released a new song last month, called “Drive.” It’s a bit of a departure from a lot of his music, which leans much more towards country. But this is a great song and the video… you might need to shower or have a cigarette afterwards, it’s that hot. Especially when you hear the daddybear’s accent. Woof.

You can see Doug’s other videos at his YouTube channel.

Regional Singer Doug Strahm Takes Music By Storm

  FT. WAYNE, Ind. – Singer Doug Strahm has taken the music scene and the country by storm with the release of his newest video, “Better This Way.” He’s been featured in Bear World Magazine, HIM Magazine in California and on The Huffington Post. And, it turns out, he’s a native of the Ft. Wayne,…