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The Liberal Redneck meets Gay Naturists International

CHICAGO — If you follow liberal politics, you’ve probably heard of Trae Crowder, aka The Liberal Redneck.

Since the election of Trump, he’s become well-known for blowing up the stereotypes of rednecks. Where as most people hear rednecks and think far right-wing politics and a member of the Fox News cult, Trae and his comedy partners show that you can be pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ and pro-economic justice while having a southern drawl and enjoying the backwoods.

Well, Trae and company had an interesting experience recently when they were invited to perform… for the Gay Naturists International gathering in the Poconos. While a little surprised, they actually rolled with it pretty well. Watch below.

Gutter Minds & 616 Comedy Night, July 18th

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Gutterminds is going to take a field trip this month and visit Club 616 Comedy Night. Every time they have done a comedy night it has been an awesome time! We will meet for dinner and drinks beforehand. Will open a discussion for suggestions. Ideas of local spots close, Bud & Stanley’s,…