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Stay tuned…

Stay tuned all my kinky- readers… Sir has had me slaving away on my latest article that will directly address bareback sex and meth use by those closest to us. I look forward to your viewpoints and thoughts regarding the article. I promise that this article will not be the viewpoint that you are accustomed to…

Kinky Sex Ed – What Are You Proud Of?

proud (proud) adj. proud•er, proud•est 1. Feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which one measures one’s stature or self-worth:proud of one’s child; proud to serve one’s country. 2. Occasioning or being a reason for pride: “On January 1, 1900, Americans and Europeans greeted the twentieth century in the proud and…

Vote or Die?

As much as activists get noticed there is something that every person can do that has the potential of changing society, voting! I encourage all of my viewers to register to vote and on November 6, 2012 to let your voice be heard. Stand up and be counted!


Kinky Sex Ed – A New Pill to Prevent HIV, or Does it?

Recently you may have heard or read the news that the FDA just approved Truvada for PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis). What you might not understand is the details of how it works. An HIV negative person can take Truvada to reduce their chance of HIV infection. That being said, with Truvada you cannot miss any doses…

Aaron Laxton: My HIV Journey- Eviction of LGBT/HIV Service Organization

ST. LOUIS – Our columnist Aaron Laxton uploaded this video today about an HIV service organization that was evicted from its offices by the landlord just two days after moving in.


To help, you can sign the petition at https://www.causes.com/actions/1680029?utm_campaign=home or write to the following people:

Gribin Properties (818) 225-0097
leasing agent Rob Fullerton ext. 27,
Gribin company President David Gribin ext. 13.

Congressman Howard L. Berman
14546 Hamlin Street, Suite 202
Van Nuys, CA 91411
Phone: (818) 994-7200

Congressman Howard L. Berman
2221 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-4695